Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Simple Graphic Design Tips for Success

Graphic design 

is a communication design. It is an art of expressing ideas and business goals in textual or visual format. From small logo to big banners graphic design is necessary. To give a professional look, to create brand awareness it is necessary. We can say it is important for marketing purpose, because for creating brochure, banner, poster, ads, Logo, Magazine every designing we need graphic design

Simple graphic design tips

We can differentiate graphic design into 3 types based on designing works,

  • Image based – Designing works done using only images. Images convey all your business intention
  • Type based – in this type graphic design work is done with only texts. Different font colors and types
  • Image and type based – It is a type of design with the combination of images and text. It is highly powerful compared to others.

Consider the following tips while graphic designing,

Come up with good ideas – Before starting designing come up with good ideas and Do not stick to single design. Try as many as possible.

Share your ideas in team, you will get some ideas and suggestion from team members

Consider targeted audience
Use different approaches depending on targeted people. Make use of different design colors, Fonts for the type of targeted people.

Maintain consistency
When you use different font types and font sizes for the same website it looks odd. It will create a bad impression. So, maintain consistency, use same font types and size

Maintain good quality
Quality is always important. Use clear images and designs.

Utilize the available space
Do not clutter all images, texts at one place, Utilize the available space gently. Keep it clean and simple. The visitor should not feel that design is overloaded.

Graphic design express your business goals by encapsulating your business services.

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